About Us

Hotel Princess brings a blend of beauty and grace to a surrounding area, awakening its features; wine, gastronomy and people at the same time. Its resplendent building stands for high-end design and aristocratic essence. Princess is embodiment of luxury and charm, vibes and calm. A place where you will reach deeply inside yourself and feel content about it.

Situated on the edge of the capital of Zagreb, still only a kilometre from City of Jastrebarsko’s centre, Princess enables peace and privacy, clean air and splendid Plesivica’s vineyard’s.

Equipped with modern features, Hotel Princess complies all new age needs, while it pulls you in to some older stories at the same time through its rich Winery, or wine and dine fusion in our remarkable restaurant Ampelos. In case you want to have something dolce, our Dolio bar will take you to its sweet journey – you will have a sweet bite and your favourite drink in outstandingly comfortable surroundings. Kind of dolce, isn’t it?

Get your sparkle back on in our modern Wellness centre, in four types of saunas, heated pool or well equipt fitness room. This is the place where you will be truly rejuvenated and find your serenity.

Princess awaits you!